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Ваш помічник
07.11.2007р. |
How German with Ukrainian came to an understanding.

During long decades they did not know about existence of each other. But when the respectable German businessman Deppe Arnold and Ukrainian businessman Mykhailo Sydoryk met and worked out the business relationships, understood that to each of them inherently more general lines, than those which distinguish them one from other. And the most important general line is understanding of that success can be attained only by persistent honest labour. It must not be other way.

The businessman Mykhailo Sydoryk, in the past jeweller of state enterprise, needed the investment for development of business.

Arnold Deppe could make an investment. His enterprise “Leisten Fabric - Arnold Deppe” made permanent profit. It is now difficult to say, whether this businessman was going to invest in the economy of our state, before meeting with Mykhailo Sydoryk. At the end of 90th Mr. Deppe attended western regions of Ukraineto find raw material for production of furnitures, which his “Leisten Fabric - Arnold Deppe” was using. He was interested in beech. In Lviv region he got acquainted with the Mr. Sydoryk, who was dealing with wood at that time.

Germans do not like to risk. They are so economies, that when the beloved invites each other to the restaurant, in most cases every person pays for himself. German will never input a money in business, without being sure, that it is hundred-per-cent reliable.

Not a single persuasion would force Arnold Deppe to risk. The only thing he decided to do, is to create a small sawmill with a dryer: to cut a beech logs on boards, dry them and send to his enterprise. Presumably he had doubts, whether Ukrainians are capable on something more. Mr. Deppe has offered position of managing director of this enterprise to Mr. Sydoryk. And the last decided to prove that Ukrainians on a great deal are capable, that the products they make will be made with jeweller exactness, that it is possible to co-operate with them in complete force.

A territory for an industrial ground they leased at a local village – area of former rag “fair” which during rains was covered by dirt. There were no communications. At first it was required to conduct calculations, develop project documentation. And then, co-ordinate all questions, get necessary resolutions in numerous instances. However, when the question was about foreign investments, which the state needed very much, officials became more complaisant.

Outstanding efforts were required by building of mining hole (without water there is no production), building of the sewage system, connecting to the electric and gas networks. At the same time it was required to take the productions warehouses, at first temporal – even to have a roof above a head.

All these works, from arrangement of territory, were executed in the compressed term and so high-quality, that causes the surprise of Arnold Deppe.

At first the technical equipment of enterprise consisted of one Slovenian framesaw MEBOR, by productivity of 15 м³ os beech logs per shift, and two Austrian drying chambers MÜHLBÖCK volumed 110 м³. The German businessman considered, that this there will be fully enough, but when the Mr. Sydoryk organized work in two shifts, and reached a high capacity, they doubled the amount of drying chambers.

Beech is a special breed of wood. Unlike softwood breeds or, say, oak, the beech doesn’t have a strong heart. It has a weak heart, which is not used in furniture or carpentry production. Therefore when cutting the beech log, it is necessary to apply special technology. Logs are cut on boards to the heart, then invert, that turn over on 1800 and again cut to the heart. Thus, it has to be done four times, geometrically calculated so, that the waist of good wood is as low as possible.

Mychailo Sydoryk is a talented organizer of production, he foresees development of events, therefore force-majeures situations don’t arise up on an enterprise. To take, for example, supply of beech logs. Though this question is worked up in detail, without warehouse production will not work. A director understands that, say, beginning from New Year, during no less as two weeks, the suppliers of wood will celebrate. That is why an enterprise keeps a reserve of beech logs.

Arnold Deppe, is a businessman, who created his own business practically from a zero (began with a small workshop arranged in a garage), gradually came to conclusion, that it is possible to have business with Mykhailo Sydoryk, that nothing threatens to his investments, and it is consequently possible to extend production in Ukraine. Since that time, enterprise received two more Slovenian sawframes MEBOR and press of glueing lamellas by width (furnitures plates for facades production). In the nearest future it is planned the establishment of jointing line of strips by length and line for parquet production.

Success of enterprise depends on many factors, in particular, from the presence of high-quality highly productive equipment, skilled employees and terms of their labour. With the equipment on “Stryjlisoproduct” problems don’t exist. There are good terms of labour created: spacious workshops, which are heated by a modern boiler, there is a locker room, shower-baths and other necessary apartments. But most forces are required by the decision of emloyees problem, organization of professional education. With administration of local professional-skilled college №16, which prepares carpenters, two agreements are made. According to one of them, school will send to the enterprise the students on practice. Pursuant to the second, teachers will come on an enterprise and will teach employees. The special class is already prepared for that.

The German company, the daughter company of which is “Stryjlisoproduct” is satisfied with collaboration with Ukrainians, fully trusts them. Lately offers a new level of mutual relations: independent search of partners – customers of products. Thus, space broadens for initiative, which by the turn, is a good motivation of subsequent active development.

And in the end about one interesting line of the businessman ArnoldDeppe. He, as was already marked, is a careful person an economy in everything, except for charity. He helps to two boarding schools, in which lives and are educated 61 child.

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