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Trade fairs
Trade fairs

29-30 сентября 2020

Украина, г. Киев,
Международный Выставочный Центр Броварской проспект, 15

State programme "Forests of Ukraine 2010-2015"

In Ukraine forest management is organized on the basis the State Programme, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in Resolution “On State Programme Forests of Ukraine 2010-2015”, 16.09.09 № 977.


Manufacturing techniques and altruism score for pallet maker

The French pallet maker, Scierie Pallets du Littoral SA has announced almost doubled output.


How German with Ukrainian came to an understanding.


The article is telling about German businessman Arnold Deppe, who started his business in Ukraine and his Ukrainian partner Mykhailo Sydoryk.


KRONO: experience of work in Ukraine

KRONO group tells how they came to Ukraine


Ukrainian woodworking and furniture industry.

Analyze of Ukrainian woodworking and furniture market. In German language


Forest Monitoring in Ukraine

Information about forest monitoring in Ukraine. Names of species and their translation in Ukrainian. (Oak, Spruce, Beech, Ash, other..)


Short Information about Ukraine and Forests.

In Ukrainian forests there grow above 30 tree species, including 33% of pine (Pinus silvestris), 24% of oak (Quercus robur)...


Forest Management in Urkaine

Information about managing of forests in Ukraine. The Ukrainian State Committee of Forestry.


Forest Maps

Mean standing volume in cubic meters per hectare of forest land. Percent of forest land by administrative region. Mean age of forest stands (years).


Renewable, recyclable and reusable: Paper and Wood

The European forest sector has set the goal of  becoming, by 2030, a competitive and global technology leader with a key role in the promotion of sustainable development. Finnish Forest Industries Federation, January 2006

Last news
Last news
World Logging Championship in 2012 will be held in Belarus

World Championship fellers forests in 2012 will be held in Belarus. BelTA learned from press-secretary of the Ministry of Forestry Růžena Nowicka

In Ivano-Frankivsk region exposed to auction 43.3 thousand cubic meters wood

State Timber Ivano-Frankivsk region put up for auction Sept. 15 43,3 thousand cubic meters. m of untreated wood at a starting price of 15.7 million...

All-Ukrainian Forum of Woodworkers and Furniture-Makers 2010

From 21 to 24 September 2010 at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv within the framework of the ALL-UKRAINIAN FORUM of WOODWORKERS and...

Samling Responds to Norwegian Government Pension Fund

Samling Global Limited is disappointed by the announcement made by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund regarding its decision to divest their...

Інвестуйте в себе разом з нашим порталом

Минає літо, сподіваємося, Ви знайшли час на відпочинок і з охотою беретеся до...

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