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Last news
World Logging Championship in 2012 will be held in Belarus

World Championship fellers forests in 2012 will be held in Belarus. BelTA learned from press-secretary of the Ministry of Forestry Růžena Nowicka

In Ivano-Frankivsk region exposed to auction 43.3 thousand cubic meters wood

State Timber Ivano-Frankivsk region put up for auction Sept. 15 43,3 thousand cubic meters. m of untreated wood at a starting price of 15.7 million...

All-Ukrainian Forum of Woodworkers and Furniture-Makers 2010

From 21 to 24 September 2010 at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv within the framework of the ALL-UKRAINIAN FORUM of WOODWORKERS and...

Samling Responds to Norwegian Government Pension Fund

Samling Global Limited is disappointed by the announcement made by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund regarding its decision to divest their...

Інвестуйте в себе разом з нашим порталом

Минає літо, сподіваємося, Ви знайшли час на відпочинок і з охотою беретеся до...


Мораторий на вывоз кругляка хотят отменить, а в Вы за или против?

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Ваш помічник
06.11.2007р. |
Short Information about Ukraine and Forests.

The total area of Ukrainian forest fund constitutes 10.8 mln.ha, 9,4 mln.ha of it is covered with forest. So the percentage of forest cover is 15.6% of a total territoryof Ukraine. Growing stock is about 1.7 billion cubic meters. Mean annual increment varies from 5.0 cubic meters in the Carpathians to 2.5 cubic meters in the Steppe area. In Ukrainea mean growing stock (cubic meters per hectare) is higher then in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, Latviaand Hungary. In countries where the nature conditions are similar to Carpathians a mean growing stock is 300 cubic meters per hectare and a mean growing stock of mature tree stands is 400 cubic meters per ha.

Country Area

603,700 sq.km

233,090 sq.mi


49.1 million (mid-2001)

Population Density

81.3 per sq.km

Forest Area

93,995 sq.km

36,291 sq.mi


min -36-(-42) degrees Celsius

-32.9-(-43.6) degrees Fahrenheit

max 38-41 degrees Celsius

100.4-105.8 degrees Fahrenheit



Precipitation annual

500 mm


Major Forest Species in Ukraine

In Ukrainian forests there grow above 30 tree species, including 33% of pine (Pinus silvestris), 24% of oak (Quercus robur), 7% of beech (Fagus silvatica), 8% of spruce (Picea abies), 6% of birch (Betula pendula), 6% of alder (Alnus glutinosa), 3% of ash (Fraxinus excelsior), 2% of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), 1% of fir (Abies alba). Coniferous forests occupy 42% of the total territory. 43% is covered by hardwood forests.

Species of wood in Ukraine

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