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Дуб кругляк

В Івано-Франківській області на аукціон виставлено 43,3 тис. куб. м...

Держлісгоспи Івано-Франківської області виставили на аукціон 15 вересня 43,3 тис. куб. м необробленої деревини за стартовою ціною 15,7 млн грн. Про це повідомили в обл управлінні лісового господарства


Африканский паркет

Экономичная технология распила древесины позволила улучшить производственные показатели на паркетной фабрике в Конго


Japanese log imports fell 34% in 2008 – US replaces Russia as the leading supplier to Japan

Importation of logs to Japan has declined for four consecutive years and was in 2008, 34 percent lower than the previous year and 50 percent lower than in 2004, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.


Forest2Market announces outlook for U.S. South saw timber market in 2009

An additional 15 sawmills will close across the U.S. South in 2009, removing 750 million board feet of lumber production from the market. This reduction represents a 7% decline over 2008, as Forest2Market informed Lesprom Network.


Ghana Strives to Remain Competitive in Global Timber Market

Professor Nii Ashie Kotey, Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission, said on Thursday that current trends in the country's timber industry required strategic innovations including the pooling of resources in order to remain competitive on the global market.


In March Wood-Mizer launches its new Small Log Processing system to Ukrainian market

Traditionally, making money from the conversion of small logs is tricky. It depends on a lot of factors. For a start it is a quite complicated, with many variables. On one hand its seems attractive since small logs –– say, 100-400mm in diameter and 900-400mm long –– are easy to get and inexpensive. On the other hand it is a tricky business making a commercially feasible product from low grade timber.


Europe becomes Japan's biggest softwood supplier

Europe became the biggest offshore supplier of softwood lumber to Japan during the first six months of the year, figures from the global wood products market report Random LengthsInternational have revealed.


Study finds China's paper recycling industry protecting forests

China's booming recycling industry is helping to slow the destruction of forests worldwide, providing a strong market for wastepaper that mostly comes from the United States and Europe, according to a study released Friday.


Plywood exports to Europe on the rise

The Federation of European Plywood Producers recently held its annual meeting and published its annual report. Production in the the 19 member states of the Federation remained stable at 4million m3 but imports rose 6,8% to 3,8 million m3.


China trade threatens tropical trees

China is at the heart of a trade that is pushing some tropical trees towards extinction, environmental groups say.

Статті дуб кругляк

Французская компания Scierie Pallets du Littoral SA, выпускающая паллеты, сообщает о почти двукратном росте объемов производства.

The article is telling about German businessman Arnold Deppe, who started his business in Ukraine and his Ukrainian partner Mykhailo Sydoryk.

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