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Бочка дерев'яна

Greener homes mean much more than planting lots of trees

Building energy-saving homes is no longer enough. Nowadays, houses must be people-friendly and kind on the environment as well.


Barlinek to issue details on Russian investment soon

Barlinek, a manufacturer of natural wooden floor boards, will shortly decide on the type, size and location of a new factory it plans to build in Russia. The company is also considering further investments in Russia in 2008.


English oak shortage drives timber imports

England is facing such a shortage of oak that it is being imported from France and Germany. The shortage is being blamed partly on a dramatic rise in demand for timber-framed houses and wooden floors, spurred on by television programmes such as Grand Designs.


Polish floor board producer Barlinek to start production in central Ukraine

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is providing a ?38.9 million financing package to Barlinek Invest, a wholly owned subsidiary of Barlinek SA, the largest wooden floor board manufacturer in Poland. The loan will be used to launch a greenfield production facility with an annual capacity of two million square metres of floor board in Vinnytsia, central Ukraine. Part of the loan will be syndicated to commercial banks.


German wood industry sales stable in Jan-Nov ‘05

Sales reported by the German wood and furniture industries for the period January – November 2005 were stable at 32.2 billion euro (+0.9%). Companies for further processing of sawnwood were able to compensate the slow start of the year thanks to a strong month of November (+4.5%).


Dubai registers 36pc increase in wood trade

DUBAI — Dubai achieved a 36 per cent increase in overall trading of wood and wooden products in 2004 compared to 2003. The total value of wooden products traded in 2004 amounted to Dh 7.35 billion as against Dh 5.40 billion in the previous year.


How Latvia’s timber trade changed the shape of Europe

RIGA - This year Britain, France and Spain commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Known to generations of tourists because of its London connection - the city's legendary Trafalgar Square is named after the battle and its chief landmark, Nelson’s Column, celebrates the victorious Admiral Horatio Nelson - Trafalgar helped change the shape of Europe and the world. What is much less well known is that the key to victory lay in the West's trade with the Baltics.


Markets for forest products continue at record levels


The UNECE Timber Committee reviewed the current major developments affecting forest sector policies and markets: illegal logging, inside and outside the UNECE region, the threats to economic viability of forest owners and industries from intense global competition, the challenge and opportunities presented by the growing demand for wood energy and the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol.



Pesaro, main industrial district of the Marches' furniture industry, will host a new EUropean project to create a new, low environmental impact chipboards. "It a project worth 4 mln euro - said Mario Fabbri, COSMOB president - to go on for 3 years: the most innovative one in the Marches".

Статті бочка дерев'яна

В Україні немає жодного професійного заводу, де б виробництво бочок було масовим. Кілька бондарних підприємств, які займаються цією справою, мають досить різні уявлення про якість,...

Французская компания Scierie Pallets du Littoral SA, выпускающая паллеты, сообщает о почти двукратном росте объемов производства.

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